Monday, January 7, 2013

# January Joy 7: Overhaul your skin care (and an oatmeal-honey face mask)

I am the girl who always professed her hate for face cream. I find the stuff oily and greasy and just don't like the feel of it over the skin. However, when I was wedding planning (of all times), I read over and over again that moisturizing is important and for once this stubborn girl decided to listen. My skin is oily and tends to break out, even now, when I am 32, so it is not a teenage thing, though for sure it has to do with hormones, as I systematically get a blemish or two one week before my period comes. Anyhow, I got myself an oil-free matifying face lotion for mixed skin, wore it everyday for the 4 months prior to the wedding and my skin was smoother, luminous, and just cleaner. This is not me who is saying this, people actually noticed and asked me what I had done. I do not want to sound like a commercial here, but listen to your mom, your grandma, your girly friends (I was always more interested in books than makeup) and do take care of yourself. You will see the difference.

Also, I read somewhere that caffeine interferes with your body's detoxification processes and makes your skin prone to inflammation. I gave it a try, stopped with coffee and black tea (herbal infusions are ok) and it was magic. I did not get spots for those 3 months. Then, after I started drinking coffee and black tea again, the blemishes came back, so I can truly say this works. Nowadays I only very seldom drink coffee, I really like it, so it is a luxury or a treat that I really enjoy very sporadically. A good latte or a Chai tea with a book can not be beaten, it's one of the biggest pleasures in my life.

Another thing that works miracles is a face mask. You don't have to spend tons of money either, probably you have everything you need in your counter already. Yes, you guessed it: oatmeal, honey and yoghurt. Just take 1 tablespoon of each, mix them together an let the goodness sink in your skin for a few minutes (10-15) before indulging in a warm shower. If you want your mask to feel smooth and silky, just put your oatmeal in a food processor (or coffee grinder) for a few seconds, until you get a thin-ish powder.

Like this post states, "an oatmeal face mask is more beneficial than a healthy breakfast':

- Oatmeal facial mask is the best face cleanser. It opens up the skin pores and flushes out dirt. This mask is suitable for all skin types. If you have dry skin, try this face mask to obtain smooth skin.

- It can be used to treat mild skin irritations. It also treats itching and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

-Half dried oatmeal can be used as a scrub to exfoliate skin.

-If it is used regularly, it helps in providing the best facial skin care. The above mentioned recipe helps your skin in many ways by making it wrinkle-free, pimple- free and completely healthy."

-I should also add that honey is known for its anti-bacterial properties, bonus, bonus. 


  1. I might have to try this. I also have problematic skin (but it's way more than just a few blemishes), which I am sure is hormonal in nature because my skin becomes blemish-free on birth control pill.

    Anyway, I have been struggling to find a good face lotion - which one did you use?

    And I had no idea about caffeine! I drink mostly tea, not coffee, but quite a lot of it and mostly caffeinated. Can't imagine life without tea though...

    1. Hmmm, I used to have Estee Lauder's "Clear Difference advanced oil-control hydrator", that I used together with "Idealist pore refiner" (that I got as a free sample). But they stopped selling it in Europe because apparently the market for oily-skin targeted products was not big enough.

      Just a week ago, on the after-Christmas sales I got the "Pure Focus Shine Control Moisturising" from Lancôme, only because it was on a good price, I am trying it now, but it seems to do the trick, it is very soft and it smells nice, without being oily at all.

      In the past I've also used the "Shiseido Pureness" moisturizer, it worked well, but I found it too watery, and since it gets quite cold here I found I needed a bit more moisture.

      And yeah, I can not imagine life without tea either (and now, tea without sugar... for as long as I can take it, to see if I get used to it), but I do try to minimize it. It's a difficult balance to find, I do love both coffee and tea.

  2. Replies
    1. Sí, este truco es de mi mamá, y es buenísimo, además la miel es un antibacteriano natural, el yoghurt nutre, y la avena es astringente. Recuerdo un día antes de la boda civil, con mis amigas montando un mini-spa en el baño y poniéndonos mascarilla y la verdad es que la piel queda super bien.

  3. Yo hace mucho lo había hecho pero nada más con avena y miel, a agregar el nuevo ingrediente. A mí lo que me ha gustado mucho es tu tacita y la tetera; mi mamá las colecciona así que siempre me fijo en éso. Y lo de comentar en español o en inglés, como tú quieras! Tú prefieres los comentarios en español o en inglés?

    1. La tetera fue nuestro regalo de Reyes :) Una amiga nos mandó una caja llena de sorpresas entre las que estaba la taza tetera, y a mí también me encantan y las colecciono. De momento quiero una de esas japonesas de metal super pesadas, pero Mark ya no quiere mas tiliches inecesarios y como tenemos en total 3 teteras (2 chiquitas y una como de 1L) esta difícil convencerlo, aunque ya le dije que sirven para defensa personal ja.

      Los comentarios, como tú quieras igualmente :) Como te sientas más cómoda.

  4. Leuke tip, bedankt! Ik ga binnenkort deze homemade gezichtsmasker proberen, ik ben benieuwd!

    1. Jouw gezicht wordt heel zacht en schoon. Honing heeft antibacteriële eigenschappen.

  5. Eek, I have terrible skin. The last year (coming off pill and then miscarriage) has made is ten times worse. At the end of November I started seeing a Naturopath doctor for it. I'm now taking herbal tinctures three times a day to try and regulate my hormones better.
    I use the oil cleansing method, then tone with a mix of camomile tea and candula extract (from my dr). I use baking soda as a scrub twice a week. And will start twice a week doing steam baths for my face. Have also changed my diet - no caffeine or alcohol, cutting back on gluten. I drink lots of camomile and nettle tea. And I'm praying every day that some of this will work!

    1. I am curious about the oil-cleansing method. It makes sense though, my old chemistry professor used to say "likes dissolve likes", so an oil gets dissolved into another one.
      Camomile tea is delicious. My mom used it as a remedy for swollen blemishes: as hot as you can take it, soaked in a cotton.
      I never hear of a baking soda scrub, will find out about it.
      I am sure some of this will work. Good luck!


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