Sunday, October 23, 2011


A very dear friend of mine sent this little shrew mouse to my inbox this morning. She said she couldn't help but think of me when she saw it.  I had to share it. Hope it makes you smile. I am still grinning. Happy sunny Sunday.



  1. What does the z stand for in front of OMG? Otherwise soooo cute.

  2. @ iripple.. I actually had no idea so I turned to google:

    Acronym Definition
    ZOMG Zoh My God! (gaming, World of Warcraft)
    ZOMG Zombies Oh My God
    ZOMG Zeus, Oh My God
    ZOMG Zerg! Oh My God!
    ZOMG Zebras on my Grass (gaming clan)

    from ZOMG

  3. Adorable! And yes, I love flowers, too. They just have this magic way of completely transforming the room in such a simple way.

  4. @ Anna, yeah, flowers, so beautiful and ethereal.


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