Monday, October 31, 2011


are such an important part of dutch everyday life and culture that I was jumping up and down when I found out that they were the very subject for this month's challenge that Jackie proposed for La vuelta al Mundo. So many photographic opportunities. They have bikes in all kinds and forms here. They have them with baby seats in the back and in the front. With an attached wagon, with a basket for groceries, double bikes, family bikes... and for the tiny ones they even have some without pedals so toddlers can learn their balance. When I moved to Holland, a bike was my welcome gift from my father in law. We painted it aqua green of course. As a mexican, it is quite impressive that you can actually travel the whole country by bike. There is a "bike lane" or to use the dutch term, fietspad, all over the place. So, after this long intro, here is my contribution to the group's pool.


  1. Hola!

    Impresionante estacionamiento de bicicletas tienes una fotos muy lindas este mes. Y qué lindo regalo te han hecho de bienvenida.

  2. hooolaaa guaappaaa,
    I would love to go for a bike ride, and I was thinking this the other day, but I am going home (where the ground is not vertical like here, and a little more flat!) this weekend for a massive family party, so I might pull the mr with me for an autumn bike ride whilst I'm at it!!

    I visited Rotterdam last year, and it astounded me the sheer amount of bicycles there are there!

    I love your pictures, the wind in your hair is the best feeling!

  3. Son divertidas tus fotos! Gracias :)
    Recuerda que el link que debes dejar para la cadena es directamente el del post.

  4. ohhhhhhhh ya vi que me lo habias dejado, sorry, olvidalo, estoy planetaria!!!

  5. @ zarawitta... si, es enorme, y el de Amsterdam todavia es mas grande (ese es el de La Haya ). Y si, fue muy emocionante la bici al llegar, sobretodo que era de unos vecinos que se estaban mudando y costo como 15 EUR, fue una super ganga. Como dijo mi mama cuando vino de visita, "Aqui sin bici, no eres nadie". Las bicis tienen prioridad, y si no te fijas te atropellan.

    @ Hanna Yeah you should bike, it is very relaxing, but yeah, the flatness helps a lot. Thanks :) And yup, wind in the hair, freedom ;)

    @ Jackie, gracias. Y si, a veces es un poco confuso aquello de donde dejar el link con la diferencia horaria. Saludos.


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