Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Once upon a time, we were walking in Amsterdam, after dinner with friends, and we found these. As usual, when we spot cool grafittis we take pictures. And these ones looked like stencils and reminded me of Banksy the great. We found them in one of the streets that borders  Museumsplein.

Oh the metadata says date taken is March 26 2011
 But then, a few weeks? months? later we were again walking Amsterdam and when looking up I saw this. Smart people. I would also have liked some street-made decoration in my home :p

And this was on September 16.


  1. Ya viste "Exist through the gift shop: Banksi"??

  2. @ Si, la vi casi en cuanto salio :) Y me encanta lo que le hizo a Paris Hilton, y cuando metio un inflable que simulaba un prisionero de Guantanamo en Disneylandia, y cuando pinto en el muro de los lamentos... mucha conciencia social.


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