Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Icebox berries and milk dessert

 Whenever we go to a different country, a mandatory stop is the supermarket. We love walking through the aisles in search of new or different products. This weekend we went on a short day trip to Brussels, and as we were walking along in the supermarket I saw Evaporated milk, a product that we don't often find here. Oh and we found raspberries for €0.69  a box. And strawberries for €0.99. Around here the prices for berries are the triple, so I was jumping up and down with happiness. And then I went on and found authentic (spanish) Marie biscuits. So that's when inspiration came.
 There is this very traditional mexican dessert, that every mom knows how to do, except it is meant to be a simple lemon and cookies cake. Having found the berries and the rest of the ingredients I just had to do an alternative version. The best part is you don't even need an oven. And it's like ice-cream, kindof. So here's what to do:
-Take 1 can of Evaporated milk and 1 can of condensed milk and mix them together with the juice of 8 small lemons or key limes. In this case, since I was going to add the fruit, I just added 1 lemon, for the hint of flavor. Ok, let's be honest here. It was because I only had 1lemon left in the fridge. You should mix everything together a bit until it gets kind of thick and airy.
 -The next step is to assemble the dessert in a dish, by making layers of cookies - fruit - milk mix until you reach the top.
 -You should normally finish with milky mix and if you like you can decorate it with powdered Mary cookies.
-Put it in the freezer and, the hardest part, WAIT and  be ready to enjoy after a while.
 I have to say when you take it out of the freezer it is hard as a rock, but it unfreezes quite fast, so you will have trouble cutting it but once in the plates, you will be eating it while it melts to  creamy consistency that together with the cookies is very close to perfection.


  1. This looks so so yummy!!
    Around here we can easily get evaporated milk, but actually we don't use it quite much, if ever. I've been meaning to try 'tres leches' for so long just to try evaporated milk! :)
    Now, are you serious? 0.69 for a box of raspberries?! I love raspberries, but let me tell you, here a box can cost anything from €3 to €6! We see vases with little bushes of it in greenhouses for sale, I'm very tempted to buy one to try harvest them at home.

    Marias are the most common thing here and we also have a very traditional no baking cake made with them. One day I'll share that, but I warn you, it is a calorie bomb!

  2. Unfortunately for my sweet tooth, I don't eat dairy anymore ( I have cystic fibrosis and dairy makes it worse, and moe no dairy for me, and yes, that includes dulce de leche, snif). I will try to make vegan condensed milk and give it a try!

  3. That looks so good, and easy to make! I must try this recipe. Except raspberries aren't so cheap around here.

  4. @ Ines, yeah normally raspberries are SO expensive. I am crazy about them, but it really is an every now and then treat. Strawberries as well even, though in season they are cheaper. Tres Leches is so delcicious .

    @ Marcela, I have been pondering stopping with dairy, but I am not sure I can do it, so I will stick with biological products as much as I can. Also, I want to try to make oatmeal milk myself (that and almond milk are the only veggie milks that I like, soy I found awful), since they are so expensive and I should be able to make them at home. I am sure you can come up with an alternative, maybe you can use coconut cream + almond milk or something like that ?

    @ Anna you should try, it is easy. And just leave the raspberries out, we just added them BECAUSE they happened to be cheap. The original recipe is just cookies and milk, or you can just add anything that you find over there, maybe peaches ?

  5. We had lots of peaches and some raspberries in the summer, but now it's pretty much apple season. We had signed up for weekly pickups of fresh fruit and veggies from a local farm over the summer (just had our last pickup yesterday), and now my fridge is half-filled with apples!

  6. @ Anna, well, you can do this dessert with lemon, milk and cookes. And with apples, well it is crumble time, or you can make a Tarte Tatin :

  7. Yo tampoco pense que podria dejar los lacteos, pero hoy por hoy hay tantos reemplazos que ha sido bastante facil, a decir verdad. Me falta probar hacer quesos crudo-veganos, pero he consido unas recetas muy lindas en este blog que tengo muchas ganas de hacer cuando volvamos de viaje:

  8. @ Marcela, gracias, lo mirare. Y si, estamos viendo como hacer los cambios pero evitando deficiencias nutricionales. De todos modos ahora tomo mucho menos leche que antes.


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