Monday, March 18, 2013

Blog crush: Sarah Britton of My new roots

 I have a long, pending post on how we have been trying to eat healthier, on the things we have been doing for that purpose (like trying to minimize sugar and meat, and completely avoiding fish). I am thinking, now that I finally finished reading "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer, I should really put all my ideas in one place. It is a complicated and confusing topic because it is very personal and I do not like the preachy, radical, absolute tone *some* vegans adopt. Then, I do really feel like I want to talk about it, but if I do I am afraid of becoming like that. So when I found Sarah Britton's blog, 'My new roots', I knew I was in good company, just read how she describes herself:

<<A lot of people want to know “what I am” – vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist, fruitarian, macrobiotic…guess what? I am a person who eats! My food philosophy is this: I hate labels. They stink. They force a person to define themselves with very rigid terms, and beat themselves up if they suddenly eat something that doesn’t fit that definition. I know I never want to have to label what “kind” of diet I subscribe to. Being dogmatic about anything, for me, just doesn’t work. Being flexible does. I eat almost entirely organic food. My diet consists mainly (like, 99%) of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds. I probably eat an egg once every couple weeks if the mood strikes me, and sometimes I will enjoy some goat or sheep dairy in very small amounts. You’ll even catch me nibbling on a freshly caught fish once or twice a year at our summerhouse (if I know where it came from, who caught it, and that it was killed humanely, I’m game. Why not? There is nothing like a fish straight out of the ocean!) The only label I’ll slap on myself is “whole-food-lover”. Nothing makes me feel better, think better, and look better than whole foods! And the big bonus? I never count calories or worry about my weight because I know that if I eat this way, my body will be in a perfect state of balance and health, naturally.>>
 Her TED talk, one change, is really inspiring. And I absolutely love her blog because she actually explains all the nutritional benefits of the ingredients and foods she uses on her recipes from a scientific point of view (she is not only a chef, but a certified nutritionist). Her happy, poppy personality is contagious and she really makes you want to make those little changes. Right now. Today. Which is why, for those of you in The Netherlands, I was super excited to find out she will be coming to give some classes in April. 

* this is not a sponsored post, I just really felt compelled to share this goodness. I think it is information everyone should have available.


  1. Exciting! I am in really looking forward to hearing more about this.

    1. :)
      I am working on that post.... and I will let you know about the class if I manage to get a place!

  2. Heb haar blog & die TED talk dankzij jou een tijdje geleden ontdekt, erg leuk! Die cooking classes lijken me erg interessant, maar dat zal vast heel duur zijn gok ik zo.

    1. Ik vind haar echt leuk en aardig. Die classes zijn wel en beetje duur... maar ik wil echt haar ontmoeten en dingen leren. (Ik heb heel veel vragen). Ik weet nog niet of ik ga de cursus nemen of niet.


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