Thursday, March 7, 2013

A tribute to Barcelona

 It was thanks to Tania's guest post that I first heard of Kaitlin from 'A Georgia peach abroad', an American girl finding her way in The Netherlands. Kaitlin is currently busy studying international tourism management. A little bit for fun, and also, as part for her thesis, she has started a guest-post series called: "For the love of travel". If, like me,  you love to travel, feel free to send her a guest post with your own travel tips and experiences. This is how it works.

And while we're at it, head over there to read what I wrote on one of my favorite cities in the World, the lovely, magical Barcelona.


  1. Lovely guest post you made. If you ever get around to your Southeast Asia trip, let me know. Bunny did a six week trip through there a couple of years before we met and he's got lots of great recommendations for little places to go see. Also he says to tell you that it's an amazing place to visit.

    1. Thanks :) I will totally ask you guys, Southeast Asia has been in my dreams for so long, ever since I saw classmates from university just taking the plunge, working for the summer and leaving for a few months (it was an eye opener, coming from Mexico, been able to pay for such a trip just working at the supermarket was unthinkable... also because the distances are so huge in the American continent that travel is somehow more complicated).
      Say hi to Bunny :)

  2. Esa enorme diferencia encontré cuando amigos alemanes después de trabajar de niñeras o en Subways viajaban durante meses, imposible en México, como dices. Me encantó el vestido naranja, y así como yo debo reconciliarme con Barcelona (aunque me gustaron muchas cosas), tu con Madrid!

    1. Ese vestido es viejísimo y me costó como 15 EUR en un H&M :)
      Pero fue amor a primera vista.
      Y si, hay que hacer las paces con Madrid y Barcelona.
      (Que Envidia poder viajar así )

  3. Hey Lady!

    Thanks for the awesome write up!


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