Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The magic of weddings

As you know, this year, we have been hoping to enlarge our family. This might not yet have happened in the way that we are the most expecting, but the other day I was thinking about it and I realized that I have been blessed with a new brother and a new sister. Yes, because between my little sis' wedding this February, and my brother's wedding more recently our family has indeed grown. I love both of our "new" additions, more that I can express in words. It is funny, growing up... how everyone is more settled, more their own person. But I digress. Being present at these two weddings made me realize what makes it all so special: it is the joy, the excitement, the pouring of love, the  intense family togetherness that is only possible every once in a long while, and all the fun involved when everyone is in such a hopeful mood. So many people wishing well to the new couple embarking in a lifetime together is uplifting. I did not cry during our ceremony (I remember feeling very calm), but I teared up at more than one moment during my brother's wedding. It is like renewing our vows every time we hear them, while also loving very hard those who are starting this road. And on top of it all, an epic dance party.


  1. Qué lindo! Se ve que la pasaron hermoso! :)

    1. Si, fue precioso. La ceremonia fue muy emotiva, el padre era joven y habló muy bonito. Luego la fiesta estuvo genial, como ves, decorado todo muy cuidado (ella es diseñadora y le ayudaron amigas que son artistas visuales)... colgaron jaulas con flores dentro y esos pompones de papel, y la música muy variada, desde un grupo mexicano (de huapango) , hasta un trio de salsa cubana, y un DJ y maestro de ceremonias que iba marcando muy bien los tiempos. Fue muy muy divertido, pero sobretodo genial poder convivir así con todos.


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