Monday, November 12, 2012

An easy 'Alice in Wonderland' guest book

We were lucky enough to assist my brother's wedding this weekend (more on that coming later). As per usual, the last days before the big day were full of hectic activities and last minute errands and so, as soon as we landed (well, after sleeping a few hours) we were on full helpers mode, running around, bringing stuff to the venue, making signs and being as available as we could. A day before the wedding my dear sister in law called me to assign me a task: she had printed cards for the guests to leave them a message, but she did not really think of where and how to do it. We knew there was going to be a candy table and that there was a bit of an Alice in Wonderland theme, so all the time lost to wedding porn was not in fact lost. I quickly searched the house for what could be useful for this mni project and found everything we needed: a portrait, my beloved porcelain Alice, my sister's wooden coffer and a hand painted cat we got for my mom in Istanbul. With a little help from the internet and the boy's skills we were ready in less than 2 hours. For the sign we used the images from the original book. We found them ready to download in high resolution at Lenny's Alice in Wonderland site. The rest was just a piece of cake, as all we the boy had to do was open the file in word, insert a text box and write short instructions. My original Lewis Carrol book came in handy as we were able to find a font very similar to the one in the first version. If you would like, here is the file as we printed it, feel free to modify it or customize it to your needs.  We also used an empty blown glass tequila bottle that allowed people to leave a donation for the groom and bride, which was a surprise for them. All in all I am quite happy of how it looked, but most of all I was happy to be able to help.


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    1. :) Pensé en ti y en todas las ideas de mesas de postres (y en las de Amy Atlas) para inspirarme.


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