Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankfulness and Liebster blog award

 For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a lovely time yesterday and will further enjoy the long weekend. Like Fiona quoted : "It is impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear" (Ann Voskamp). For some reason the phrase really resonated with me... as long as I keep counting blessings and focusing on the positive, the feeling that everything will be is OK stays with me. So in the spirit of giving thanks, I want to thank alloallo from The Question Now becomes who recently nominated me for a Liebster blog award. As I think you most probably know it's kind of like a chain letter + internet hug to show recognition among bloggers. Here are the questions she asked:

1. If you could live in any past decade, which one would you live in and why?
Oh it is so hard to decide. I think either ancient Greece at the time of Plato or Italy during the Renaissance. I love the flowy dresses of both periods. I think those were both times where women were starting to have a say in ideas, at least in certain privileged circles. I would have found it fascinating to live at a time where so many things were being discovered or re-discovered simultaneously, in terms of science, philosophy, geographic explorations, medicine and so on. I think I would also have liked to be a biologist during the 1800th century, when people were still discovering new species of animals and plants, when not all of the discoveries were taking place at a molecular level (which is exciting in its own different way). But imagine the joy and the incredible awe of seeing a dancing Boobie bird for the first time ever, with their bright blue feet . 

2. What's the most ridiculous thing you've had to do since Trying To Conceive?  (i.e. carried around your pee in your purse like me?)
Hmmm.... probably crying after a pregnancy was announced at the end of this movie? It's a movie. And it started me crying. An imaginary, non-existent, invented-by-a-writer pregnancy. When real life pregnancies are announced, it is bittersweet. I am mostly really, truly, genuinely happy for the couple involved. But then that ugly little monster called self-pity starts with its "Why not us already?" and I have to shut it up. Other than that... probably laying literally half naked at the gynaecologist's office without having a say or being allowed to complain / demand some dignity. So much for my big mouth. 

3.What is one difference (if any) having a blog has made in your life?
It has made me reflect, it has allowed me to concentrate on the good stuff, to actively search for the bright side, and be grateful. It has brought journal-ing back into my life. But most importantly it has allowed me to relate and connect with other people in close and far away places who are struggling / feeling / enjoying / living similar things, and that is invaluable. It is better than pen pals, it is friendships that develop slowly, steadily, and let a certain closeness develop at a speed that is not really possible in real life in such an immediate manner. 
4. Please share a favourite recipe/food blog etc.
I absolutely recommend the Australian baking blog Raspberri cupcakes. I love the craziness, the honesty (she is not afraid of letting us know when something went awfully wrong... accidents happen in the kitchen), and the almost professional, creative little wonders Steph comes up with. Next week I'll share a recipe for a chocolate-orange cake that I made the other day and have been meaning to post

Now, I would like to pass the award to the following blogs that I've recently discovered and find inspiring:

-Donna, of Snippets of my Life 
-Sheryl of Unexpected moments 
-Britanni of The Swiss wife style 
-Hayley of WeeHermione 
-Fiona of Far Far Away

And the questions that come to my mind are:

1. What is your absolute favorite 3 books, that you would bring to a deserted island, that you could read over and over again, that made you, you?
2. If you could live anywhere in the World, where would that be?
3. Does your job have anything to do with what you thought you would be doing as a teenager / young adult?
4. If Aladdin's genie would come up to you right now, what wishes would you ask for?

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  1. Qué lindo! Me encanta como con estos awards se puede conocer más acerca de la gente. Besotes!
    Descubrí Raspberri Cupcakes gracias a ti y la verdad me encanta!

    1. Si... me recuerdan las cadenas de cartas originales (esas que llegaban por correo cuando tenía como 11 años), y también los chismógrafos, una especie de álbum - cuestionario que se pasaban entre la clase en la primaria, que tiempos aquellos.

  2. I once threw a plate at the wall after a real life pregnancy announcement. And Snooki's pregnancy announcement caused an existential crisis. But throwing a plate at the wall is very healing. It made me laugh and laugh and laugh because who actually does that in real life?

    1. :) I totally get you. I love that greek tradition of breaking plates as an omen for good luck at wedddings. Breaking things is healing. Hence I love throwing the glass in the container for recycling.
      I hope you are doing well, I constantly send thoughts your way.

  3. Thank you for passing the Liebster blog award onto me! :) I'll get onto my post asap x

    1. You're welcome. I love how blogging allowed us to "meet" (or maybe we should thank Lauren :) ). Hugs.

  4. Wooh! Thanks :) Will answer your questions soon!


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