Sunday, February 22, 2015

Truchas los alcatraces (Ocuilan)

The other day the boy's family took us to a hidden gem of a restaurant, to be found in Ocuilan (Carretera Cuernavaca Ocuilan - Estado de México).

It is a family-owned business, specialized in trout dishes. I do not normally eat fish, unless I know where it is coming from and the conditions in which the fish is raised and or caught. Here, they grow the trout in their own ponds, amidst the beautiful natural landscape of Morelos.

Families, young and old will enjoy this place, with its playgrounds, forest, and above all, delicious food. You can enjoy typical Mexican 'antojitos' (snacks, though the word literally means 'little cravings') such as sopes, quesadillas de huitlacoche, flor de calabaza, rajas, etc... and most importantly steamed or fried trout, with or without garlic (my favorite: ''al mojo de ajo"), dipped in different Mexican salsas and so on.

The tortillas, sopes, quesadillas an other treats made with corn masa (dough) are all cooked following the most traditional manner, on a stone kitchen.

We were impressed by the delicious food, beautiful place, hospitality and good service, so I thought I'd write them a short note over here. If you are ever in the Cuernavaca area, be sure to visit.


  1. It looks so lovely. We don't really do Mexican food very well in the UK although there are a few pretty good restaurants that focus on South American food in my home town. I managed to get some pretty good Mexican food in San Francisco too, although the experience was somewhat sullied by an exploding nappy (the baby's, not mine!)

    1. It was such a nice place. When we went to San Francisco I felt at home because of all the food, it is 97t% authentic. All we ate over there was Chinese or Mexican food. Oh, the exploding nappies... fun times (but we did not get that many, because of cloth diapers).


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