Monday, February 2, 2015

#January Joy: Have a long leisurely Sunday lunch

I was not going to miss the opportunity for a calm Sunday lunch, so this challenge I was going to take for sure :). I am only discovering, as we slowly approach toddler-hood, that finding child-friendly places that are also clean, where the kids can roam and play freely (read clean the dirty floor with their limbs as they crawl) is not as easy as one may think.

Sometime in early December we went to a pancake place with a cousin of Mark. You could fill-in a card with your birthday so that they would treat you for a free pancake on said day. We of course filled it in for Yu, and when we got the invitation, we booked!

This place is in the middle of Zoetermeer's oldest street (the Dorpstraat), it has a terrace that opens during the summer days, an area full of toys for children and many high chairs.

It is full of light. Also, pancakes, did I say pancakes? Pancakes are they specialty and they serve them sweet and salty.

Mark had a classic one with apple, grandma chose pineapple and ginger and I went for flambéed  cherries and vanilla ice cream. The kid ate carrot and pumpkin purée, apple and some pancake as well.

 For someone who'd been refusing solids for a week (oh teething), she chose a good meal to start eating again.

If you are in the province of Zuid Holland I thoroughly recommend De Binnentuin (Dorpstraat 97P, Zoetermeer, +31 79 3602016)


  1. Sounds (and looks) nice! Did you notice if they had gluten free options?

    1. I am not sure about the pancakes, I think not so :( , but they did have plenty of salads, soups and other options.

  2. Wow, those pancakes are *HUGE*... I'm used to the smaller, fluffier ones we have here

    1. They are. You mean you did not have a pancake during your DutchTrip2014? You definitely need to redo it :) I will treat you to one!


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