Friday, February 6, 2015

Random things about me and an award

The other day Catarina, from CraftieMum, a Portuguese writer who lives in The Hague, nominated me for the Liebster blog award. I was really happy to receive it and thought it would be fun to answer her questions. 

1) What is your favourite food? Hmmm. This is a hard one, so much choice. The first thing that came to mind were "milanesas de pollo"(Mexican-style chicken schnitzels), enfrijoladas (cheese or chicken-filled tortillas covered in a bean sauce) and "crema de elote con rajas" (corn creamy soup with charred-poblano-pepper stripes). But, I also love sushi, anything Italian or French, particularly dishes that include aubergine and raspberries.

2) How many languages do you speak? Let's see, Spanish is my mother-tongue, closely followed by French and English. My Catalan knowledge is quite good (if I may say so myself) after living 5 years in Barcelona. I also speak Dutch and have some basic grasp of Italian.

3) What was your most embarrassing moment? I don't know, but probably that first time I realized that gynaecologists in Holland were not going to provide a surgical paper gown during an exploration. There is also that time I slipped into the Grand Canal in Venice when I was trying to see if the water was warm.

4) What is your favourite place in your home country? This is a tough one. I love Michoacan, such a beautiful state. Also Baja California Sur. And Guadalajara is one of my favorite cities. 

 5) Do you have kids, and how many? If not, would you like to have kids, and why? We have a beautiful sunshine of a daughter who just turned one.

6) Which countries have you visited so far? Let me think. Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Bolivia, Mexico, Turkey (only Istanbul), the USA, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, The UK, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Hungary (only Budapest), Austria (only Vienna) and I think that's about it. 

7) Do you love what you do for a living, or are you still searching? I am in love with Veterinary Medicine, but sadly I haven't been able to work as a vet, excluding different types of internships. I also love baking and painting, so I am lucky to have been able to blend the two and start a business combining those two passions. I love writing too, though it is more of a personal exercise. I am still hoping to find a place where I can use my university studies, it feels so wasteful to have two diplomas sitting on a shelf. Such hard work. Our baby keeps me busy the whole day though, so I am thoroughly enjoying this much-awaited phase of our lives. 

8) What is your favourite book? I think Hopscotch (Rayuela) by Julio Cortazar. But I also love Milan Kundera (The ignorance, The unbearable lightness of being, and some others), The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S.Lewis) and classic fairy tales, particularly those of Hans Christian Andersen. 

9) What would you like to do when you retire? Umm, live in a cozy apartment or a farm somewhere sunny and near the sea. I am thinking the South of France or Catalunya. Italy could also work. Also, raise goats. 

10) What do you do for fun? Read, travel, go to museums, try to discover new places in cities we love, go for long walks... 

11) Why do you write? I write mostly for me, to journal, to keep track of what we have been up to. And as an exercise, a creative outlet and a way to let feelings out. The connections I have made through this little space are very special, particularly the friendships that have been formed through my nonsense ramblings. 

To keep it going on, I would like to nominate: Ma. Fer from De este lado de mi mundo, Blanca from Agua de Limon, GypsyMama from Our Magic Moments, Marcia from With  love Marcia, Hayley from Wee Hermione, Taniabeth from Varekai, Just Me from Bits and Peaces, Senja from Puukengat, Zarawitta from Viaje al Centro de la Beca (hint, hint, please write again), Amy from The Tide that Left and Bettiann from The Swiss Wife Style. 

And my questions are: 1. If you could live anywhere in the World, where would that be? 2. Have you ever felt any city in the world pull you, even though you did not know it before or had any ties with said city before? 3. Which is your favourite book or author? 4. Do you have a pet? 5. What would be an ideal day for you? What would you do on such a day? 6. What do you do? Study? Work? Raise pandas? 7. Tell me where you ate the best ice-cream in your life. 8. What is your favourite museum (or sight)? 9. What has been your favourite trip / place you have ever visited? 10. What is your favourite animal? 11. Just for fun, if  you could choose your looks, what would you look like? ( I would love to have emerald eyes and orange hair). 


  1. I am going to have to check out some of those books! Thanks for the nomination, maybe this is what I need to kick start my blogging again...

    1. I really, really love Rayuela, so much about magic, coincidences, random happenings.. And Milan Kundera has a way of narrating that just gets you right in.
      Blogging while rambling babies is hard :) I always look forward to your updates and posts !

  2. I definitely want to do this.I'll try and fit it in during the week. It;s so fun to read about you and get to know a few more bits about you.

    What's the deal with practicing as a vet? Can you not do it in Holland?

    1. I would love to read your answers. Officially I can practice as a vet, my diploma is recognized, I am part of the vet association, everything, on paper, is in order. But the market for small animal clinical practices is over saturated. I would love to work with dairy cows, or public health institutions but those jobs are on the other side of the country (think 4 to 5 hrs commute back and forth) and the husband is tied to the area of the country where we live, where most engineering jobs are. I have applied to all kinds of semi related jobs: lab technician, nutrition companies, writing for wildlife or ecological associations ( I am also a biologist), pharmaceutical companies, food industry.
      I just don't understand and it used to make me cry just to think about it. I think we will somehow find a way in the future, probably will go to school again to specialize, or hopefullyy I will manage to get a job through contacts / serendipity. Sigh.

  3. que linda amanda!!!! claro que participare es superrrrrr. sabes te pense mucho ayer pase por tiger y vi que vendian unbos flamencos de peluche super lindosss!!! alla los consigues.... avisame si aun no lo tienes y aun los encuentro en tiger me gustaria regalartelo se que te gustan mucho. ya me voy a escribir mi post!

    1. Me alegro, ganas de leerte :) y tus respuestas. Muchas gracias :) Será que es un flamenco como este de aqui? Será que es un flamenco como este de aqui? Si es así, una amiga se lo regalo a Yu en su cumple, junto con un gorrito hecho por ella, pero que lindo que hayas pensado en nosotros. Yo tambien me estoy acordando mucho de ustedes estos dias, estos primeros meses son super especiales.

  4. Yay!! raising goats! And this made me miss all of my mom's food back home. I will be writing my post this week, thanks for thinking of me. These posts are so fun ! x

    1. Mexican food is so delicious. Mexicans abroad at some point always tend to end up talking about food.
      Looking forward to reading your posts, I really like your writing!

  5. Loved reading your answers! I am also a fan of Milan Kundera, Narnia (read them all!) and Hans Christian Anderson :)

    1. Thanks for the nomination, it was fun taking part of the challenge. Kundera is really, really good! And I can not wait to read Hans Christian Andersen to the child.


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