Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Busy days

Life with a baby is an unexpected constant flow of peace and calm that alternates with I-am- going-to-lose-my-mind moments.You never know what each day will bring. If it will be easy or if every single simple task will prove to be excruciatingly long and difficult.

Lately those moments have been so close to one another that it is hard not to feel like I am going crazy. Sometimes I am surprised at how efficient I can be. On Friday I baked  two cakes for an order that had to be delivered on Saturday. Then Mark came home early, we went to the supermarket for some last-minute groceries,  I made coconut-swiss-meringue buttercream, filled the cakes and we covered them in fondant. While playing with the kid, feeding her, and trying to get her to nap.

 After that I made a tiramisu. Then on Saturday morning I painted the cakes, went to the supermarket again (no amount of lists can make me stop forgetting things), and we all got in the car and drove an hour to deliver the cake. We took a walk in the beautiful landscape of the Noord Holland province, made a stop to have a classic Dutch broodje kroket and drove back. Luckily Yu slept most of the ride. She hates the car-seat so much these days that deciding to go anywhere involves a real analysis on whether the trip is worth her discomfort.

As soon as we came back I set myself to prepare Mexican Red (tomato) rice and we left for a Posada, full with kids. There was all kinds of delicious food, Ponche, a piñata, bengal lights, singing. It was running running running the whole time, but also, so much fun.

 On Sunday we went for a walk in the city where I had the husband fooled... we went to celebrate his birthday at a restaurant where both his best friends, his brother and his mom were already waiting for us. I had to make up a story to get him there without suspecting! It worked. There were hamburgers and milkshakes and present-opening.

And yesterday I started the day by making blueberry pancakes, then set to make the house full of balloons, went to the supermarket (for the 3rd time in 4 days!), made chicken broth, chicken fajitas and a chocolate cake. All while taking care of a sick, snotty, clingy kid that is not feeling very well since being outside in the cold on Saturday. Some days I think I deserve a medal. Yu normally loves going out for walks in the stroller: she loves the distraction and she likes the fresh air and the opportunity to flirt and smile at people. Not yesterday. She did not want to stay sitting. She did not want to wear a hat. She did not want her pacifier. She was tired but did not want to sleep either. She was complaining all  the way and did not even stop crying when I took her out at a café (which usually works). I had to carry her heavy self on the kangaroo and walk home. In the middle of a sudden rainpour. But we all survived. And I felt so accomplished (if I just forget that there are dishes to be done, and laundry to be folded, and a whole house to be vacuum-cleaned, and holiday cards yet to be ordered, written and posted). I just hope this stroller-strike is not going to be a thing, because if I can't go out I just might lose my mind for real.


  1. That cake is so cute! You are talented!

    I couldn't agree more with everything you've written. I love to cook and bake and I still somehow find time to do it even with a baby crawling around the floor. It's not like I just sit her in front of the TV either. I always try to interact with her and read to her etc. But I only make a cake or dessert once a week because they can be time consuming. Plus all the other delidelicious food you make on top of the cakes? Wow...

    It gets SO COLD where I live in Canada that I get stuck inside for days. It's so horrible. I hate cold weather but maybe I should force myself out when the weather is ok because as you said, being stuck inside will make you go crazy!

    I hope you are able to find some time to slow down, relax and enjoy the holidays!

  2. Thanks!

    Yes, I normally put her on the floor for independent play, or on her high chair so she can watch. But,though I do handle the everyday cooking, I tend to keep it simple.

    This weekend was a combination of birthday and social gatherings + the cake. It was special...

    Today on the other hand was one of those days where we could not leave the house because she still has the remnants of a cold that does not want to go away . It was really nice, we read, we played on the floor, we looked through the window. But also, so, so very tiring. I am dead, and I feel like I did not accomplish anything. I did not cook anything today (we are eating leftovers) and I just let the dishes be... as much as I like a clean kitchen , I needed to stare into blank space to.

    But yes holidays!

    (Cold weather is the hardest)

  3. I feel like I could have written this post, minus the cake making, and party throwing. I didn't know the meaning of the word busy before Baby Tide was born. Somehow we do it. It might not all be perfect, but it gets done.

    Poor Yu. Hope her cold disappears quickly. Baby Tide is teething and it's making him pretty miserable. :(


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