Friday, March 7, 2014

Advice to young little women, on International Woman Day

One year ago, I was in Crowborough, East Sussex, taking a cake-decorating class. It was invigorating to take a trip all by myself after getting used to travelling with the boy every single time. On my way back, while waiting for the train that would take me back to the airport, there was a charity sale where I got a couple of books for a pound. One of those books was: "Ten girls that changed the world", and I bought it on a whim for our-yet-to-come kid. Today, the book sits in her small bookshelf, waiting for her to be able to read the stories of remarkable women like Helen Keller, among others. In the meantime, head over to Any Other Woman to read advice from us "older" women to a new generation of girls on "how to be a woman". There will be a new post every half an hour, all day long. Mine's here, but I am certain there will be pearls of wisdom coming all day long.

What would you tell the next generation of girls? What have you learned that is worth passing on?


  1. I always say to my husband that I'm so proud of our relationship because it will show our children that not only can great love be found, but that you don't need to mistreat each other. I have Daddy issues, it's safe to say, because my own father was so abusive. I jumped from bad relationship to bad relationship until I learned enough was enough. I want to teach any daughters I have about their value as human beings so that if they have relationships they know they need to be nurturing places, and that if they don't want relationships they are still whole people. I hope my husband can teach any children we have what it means to be 'a man' and a father.

  2. I love this! And I love El Principito tambien, I already have a copy myself!


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