Friday, June 28, 2013

The breakfast club: Smitten Immigrant

As I try to find ways of eating a more healthy and varied breakfast (my usual breakfast is  almost always the same: toast with butter, peanut butter, or jam and tea with milk), I decided to ask a few of my internet friends and readers to share their favorite breakfast. Today I am honored to present you Pluis, from Smitten Immigrant. By the way, I would love it if you would like to participate in this weekly series, just send a breakfast themed post to:

Breakfast of Grandmothers

I'm a breakfast friend, which is a somewhat lonely position. Apparently there are preciously few people who wake up and feel sorely tempted to scoot off to the kitchen to scarf down something edible before even contemplating a shower. So, when Amanda told me about her plans to write about breakfast, I thought I could contribute. Hence, my three routine breakfasts:

1) Weekend Breakfast
2) Breakfast with Puppies
3) Breakfast of Grandmothers

Weekend breakfast: (serves two)
- one leisurely morning
- one tin of pre-made croissant dough (makes 6 small croissants)
- half a banana (for stuffing two of the croissants)
- fifteen minutes of pre-heated oven time
- a little butter
- one spoonful of fig or blackberry jam (for my Beloved)
- two cups of 'espresso lungo' (which is fancy-speak for us making espresso, but letting the water run through the grounds for much longer than any coffee lover would dare confess)
- Beloved and I
- cat pictures and other internet diversions

Breakfast with Puppies (no puppies are harmed in the making of this breakfast)
- 6.30 mornings on which I volunteer at the local dog shelter
- hard work and no lunch until 2 PM
- five table spoons of rolled oats
- two table spoons of dried cranberries (mine come with dried pineapple juice on)
- a pinch of salt
- a good splash of boiling water
- five minutes on low heat
- a good stir
- a spoonful of honey
- cat pictures and other internet diversions
- coffee to go at the train station or instant coffee at the shelter

Breakfast of Grandmothers (crone-like levels of wisdom not guaranteed)
- one average 8.00 AM awakening
- expectation of a normal day with regular meal times
- two slices of ontbijtkoek
- one banana, halved widthwise and lengthwise
- the long perhaps-not-quite-treasured memory of my otherwise kick-ass grandmother lecturing me about the digestive benefits of combining the fibre-rich ontbijtkoek with banana at her breakfast table - cat pictures and other internet diversions
- coffee at home, at work or on the go, depending on the day.

As you can see, I'm not one for inherently healthy breakfasts. I've done a few stints of low-carb and / or dieting and have stared into the soulless depths of a tub of low-fat yoghurt more than once, but substantial breakfasts make me happier.


  1. Argh! I promise I have a post coming your way Amanda! I just keep forgetting to take photos of my breakfast x

  2. Croissants straight from the oven sounds so good!

    1. Yup... when we moved to our place, I wanted to test the oven, and the first thing I did was get some of that dough and make fresh croissants for breakfast !

  3. muesli with yoghurt (not milk) hand full of fresh blueberries thrown in and a warm sweet cup of coffee, gets me to work each morning :)

    1. Your breakfast sounds delicious, I definitely love the combination, every time we get it, we eat everything in 3 days, because we love it so much.

  4. Your weekend breakfast sounds delightful. I never would have thought of stuffing a croissant with banana before baking.

    1. Pluis is genius isn't she?

    2. I guess it harks back to my old 'first day of period' recipe, which is a grilled banana & chocolate sprinkles sandwich.. Or maybe it's the influence of Surinamese and Indonesian food, in which fried banana features as a side dish.. In any case, warm gooey banana is food of the gods :)


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