Friday, January 20, 2012

So, wedding planning...

 It can get so crazy. We are almost there, with my sister's wedding, less than 1 month left actually. And I think we are currently in Stage 5 (see Shiny Pretty bits for the full process, via Pieces of Anna)

"5. Rebellion – “EFF it”
Faced with the need to simplify and regain a sense of control, the individual may find themselves ruthlessly slashing things from the wedding. Marked by feelings of apathy and exhaustion. Persons may find themselves telling over zealous friends and family where to stick their “helpful suggestions”. Rebellion can give the individual a false sense of Zen, resulting in a regression to stage 4. It is not uncommon to mock The Knot during this phase."

If you take a look at the pinterest board I made for lil´sis at the beginning of it all you will realize how many things have changed. Once upon a time, it was supposed to be a day-mexican-kermesse-like party, in an outdoor location, with lots of typical things.

Then, because of logistical reasons, it turned to the classic dinner and dancing affair, and the mexican decorations we originally had imagined did not really stick. So now that will be more of a lilac and turquoise effortless chic affair.

 We still kind of want lots of glass jars, but I do not know how that fits in an indoor location at night.
At this moment, not all people have RSVP-ed and even I, the sister, have to harass some of them. The deadline was the 10th of January, and we still haven´t heard about some 40 people. I think I´ll turn to Alyssa and her advice... 

  You know when it all started I had so many projects in mind. I am still going to organize and set a dessert table, and there is a surprise coming too (that I will tell you about later) but one of the main things I wanted to organize was a flashmob, and now I have no idea how you coordinate 150 people to all dance at the same time. Sure I found some videos and we have candidate songs that I could send to them (or should I say to some of them, because I do not even have everyone´s email, and I do not want to ask my sister or her fiancé, because it is supposed to be a secret thing), but other than that I am stuck in the mental process. Oh oh oh... any ideas ?

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  1. Good luck with the rest of the wedding planning! I think lilac and turquoise is a lovely color combination.

    I don't have any experience with organizing flashmobs, but maybe if you were going to email only some of the guests, it makes sense to email the ones that are more likely to participate / love to dance? If they really get into it, the excitement will be contagious!

    1. Yeah, I am just thinking that we are all kind of a shy bunch. Still considering it though, talking about it with sister in law who is a super good organizer and energetic person !

  2. Hey!!! Qué emoción estar planeando boda! Yo opino que para el flashmob podrías escribirles a las personas clave de cada circulo. Ya sabes, como las cabecillas de familia o líderes de amigos para que corra la voz con menos desgaste de tu parte. Finalmente creo que tu hermana y tu cuñado estarán muy felices de haber tenido tu ayuda con sorpresa o sin ella: Finalmente es un gran día no? Saludos Amanda!!!!

    1. Graciaas ! Si, estamos todos muy emocionados, ya les ire contando como va saliendo todo ! Muchos saludos !


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