Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Darioles (moelleux) au chocolat

 What's promised is debt, and I left you hanging last time. So on to the point, the chocolate and butter turned into tiny chocolate souffles with a liquid heart, oh yes. Perfection. And you will not believe how easy it is to make them. I used this recipe, but since it is in french, here goes in english:

You will need 
100 gr. dark chocolate (the higher the % of cacao, the better).
120 gr. butter
120 gr. sugar
50 gr. flour
4 eggs.

And here's what to do
The  first step is to soften the butter by pressing it with a wooden spatula, until it resembles an ointment. Next, you should melt your chocolate, previously grated or cut in pieces, au bain marie. you should then add the butter to the melted chocolate, and on a separate bowl, beat the eggs, with the sugar until then whiten a bit, and then add the flour.

 When the egg-sugar-flour mix is ready, you should add the chocolate and put the paste in the fridge for minimum 3 hours. I was confused about this step, I did not really want to wait, but I obeyed and understood. When I came back to get the paste from the fridge the consistency had changed, when letting it fall it made "ribbons" (I think that's the term).

 Anyway, now comes the good part. Preheat the oven to 200 °C, butter small oven moulds (I am assuming you can use a muffin pan as well), and fill them to half the volume. Then put them in the oven for 5 minutes, and there you go. Glorious chocolatey heaven.


  1. Interesting recipe! I will try it!
    BTW, where did you get those cute molds? I have been looking for some ramequin style container but haven't found anything I like

  2. It feels as if every other post by you is a " must try" recipe. This looks delicious!

    And I second Marcela, those moulds are adorable :)

  3. Me encanta esta receta, aunque nunca logro sacarlos a tiempo para que quede líquido el centro. En fin.

    Mil gracias por la mención en el post anterior. Ya mañana vuelo de regreso... ¡qué nervios!

  4. oh yes, your little oven moulds are so cute! I will try this. I have several similar recipes, but one must try to compare, right?? In science name. Looks easy an delish.

  5. @ Yeah I was obssessed with the colorful little moulds, I saw some from Le Creuset but those are pricey. These ones came with a recipe book , one of those hobby packs and it was 16 EUR, the price of 1 and a 1 qurter of the "fancy" ones. Look, this is the one:


    @ smittenimmigrant, you should definitely try !

    @ Zarawitta buen viaje ! Y si, yo era si 5 minutos noooo, pero si, estaban listos. La verdad depende de tu horno, lo tienes que llegar a conocer. O usar un termometro de horno, pero yo a ojo de buen cubero, no soy tan sofisticada !

    @ Ines, yes, in the name of science ! And yeah, in love with those colorful pots. The boy not so much, since they are tiny, he thinks they are useless but I already used them for 3 different things.

    @ Yara, nice to see you here :) and yeah they were super good, you should definitely try them !

  6. Te juro que compraria el libro solo por los moldecitos jajaja

    1. :) yo por eso lo compre jaja pero tuve que convencer a Mark que sigue pensando que son inutiles de lo chiquititas que son, aunque sirven para salsas, y para otras cosas jeje.

  7. Replies
    1. Lo tienes que intentar, es facil y de verdad delicioso vas a impresionar al que se las coma !


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