Friday, January 23, 2015

#January Joy: Make something with your hands: Flamingo goodie bags

 When preparing baby girl's flamingo party, I found a couple of projects that I decided to make, the first one of which are these flamingo goodie bags. I am not sure if this is a thing everywhere in the world, but in Mexico it is quite traditional to give the kids a little candy-filled bag at the end of the party, as a thank you (and I think also as a consolation prize for those kids that did not manage to get enough sweets at the piñata).

You will need: paper bags, pink cardstock, glue, scissors, pencil, a black marker. 

The original tutorial includes a printable file with the template for the flamingo bodies and heads, but the paper bags I found in Holland were not the same size as American ones, so I started by drawing the pattern on a white napkin (it is translucent enough). Then I cut my napkin and made a template on a white sheet of paper, which I then used to trace and cut the flamingo bodies on the pink cardstock .
On a separate sheet of paper I drew the flamingo-faces and arranged them in such a way that I could make photocopies of my sheet and then cut them out and paste them over the pink cardstock flamingo bodies. Once everything was cut, the last step was to paste the flamingo-bodies on to the paper bags, and later the faces on the flamingo-bodies.

We filled the bags with candy and an age-appropriate simple little toy (found at the Flying Tiger) and labelled them with the names of each kid. I hope Yu's little guests enjoyed the treats.

I spent one or two afternoons at the beginning of Janury making these, and though a little-bit time consuming, I absolutely loved the result!

Oh and I absolutely
want the tote bag
that inspired
these little favor bags!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I loved them when I saw the tutorial and thought I'd give them a try !

  2. Wow, you are so crafty! They turned out great!

    1. Thanks, I do not really consider myself crafty, but these were easy and so pretty!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! They really are cool, what would be life without pinterest?

  4. I want to make these but the template won't open in Safari for some reason?

    1. Hi Jennifer, I can send you the pdf file, if you give me your email address, or, write me to and I will reply to you.


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