Monday, November 24, 2014

They took away the tree

There was a tree right in front of our window. I loved to see it go through the seasons, from being bare naked during the winter months, to getting the first buds of green sprouts that signaled that better, longer, lighter days were coming, to watching it blossom and flourish during the spring and summer before starting to lose its leaves again.

Last Thursday after I had finally settled Yu in her crib for a nap, I heard this really loud, screeching noise. I thought it was our new neighbors with a drill, they are fixing the house they just bought.

Then I realized the sound came from outside and when I looked through the window I saw.

There was a tractor with a huge saw and they were taking away the tree.

We did not get any notice from city hall informing us this would happen. I don't know if the neighbours did this, I do not know why the tree was taken. Maybe it was sick (it didn't look so), maybe it was tampering with sewage or the foundations of a building.

This makes me so sad. If I had known I would have tied myself to the tree like the girls of Virgin Suicides or Flipped (I really love that last movie).

Why would you take a healthy, happy treee that wasn't harming anyone, "my" tree.... our street looks so sad without it.

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  1. That is sad! I'm a nature lover and especially of trees. When my parents cut down a huge tree in their yard because it was affecting the house I was so sad.

    1. Yeah it is really sad... That must have been even harder with the tree in your yard, I mean, this was on the street, not part of our house, though the feeling remains.

  2. Justo afuera de nuestro "nuevo" depa (o sea en el que vivimos desde febrero) hay un árbol al cual amo, vinieron a podarlo y entramos en pánico de que pudiera quitarlo. Entiendo perfecto esa sensación. Abrazos

    1. Ah, que bueno que sólo lo estaban podando!


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