Thursday, May 15, 2014

Childhood memories (and giveaway winner)

I loved reading all your childhood stories, so thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway. My first memories involve zoos, playing in the water, my little brother and cake. Now that I think about it, I wrote a post on that over at Lauren's last year. To think so much can change in 12 months.

But I guess what you are here to find out  who is the winner of 20 USD at Cotton Babies (picked with the help of And that would be: Ambyr, of the D girl with her hilarious story:

"First childhood memory? Hmm. Well - I remember my aunt gifted me an old barbie - but she was ugly - so I gave her to my friend down the street. I think I was 8 or 9. My mom told me to get the barbie back - but my friend couldn't find her. Probably because she was super ugly. I wouldn't doubt that my friend burned her or fed her to the dog. lol"

Congratulations Ambyr, I will email you the coupon today! Thanks again to everyone who took part in the game. 


  1. Que foto mas linda amanda creo que no has cambiado casi, la expresión en tu cara es la misma! tu bebe seguro sera parecida! un saludito

    1. Gracias ! Me causa mucha curiosidad! Ya veremos, pero, si ves las fotos de bebé de Mark, es idéntica. Aunque dicen que en algunas expresiones se parece a mí también. Un saludo!


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