Friday, February 21, 2014

To marvel

1. One that evokes strong surprise, admiration, astonishment or wonder.
2.  verb. mar·veled also mar·velled, mar·vel·ing also mar·vel·ling, mar·vels also mar·vels
v.intr. To become filled with wonder, admiration or astonishment as at something surprising or extraordinary. To feel amazement or bewilderment at or about. To  be curious about.

[Middle English marvail, from Old French merveille, from Vulgar Latin *miribilia, alteration of Latin mīrābilia, from neuter pl. of mīrābilis, wonderful, from mīrārī, to wonder, from mīrus, wonderful; see smei- in Indo-European roots.]
My word for the year came to me sometime during those days when I was still in shock trying to learn and understand what had happened to us, the huge surprise that shook our worlds, even-though we thought we were prepared for it, and had been preparing for a rather long while. 

Same as with our "unexplained" infertility diagnosis, where cases like ours account for about 1 % of all couples (10% of 10%), the causes for her mysterious arrival through a Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM) remain unknown to the medical science. We just received the final results from all the tests made*  and no abnormalities were found.  "PPROM occurs in about 1% of all pregnancies".

This girl is a miracle and a fighter since the very beginning and I am convinced that she just wanted to meet us earlier, after such a long wait. We are immensely grateful to every single person that was involved in her coming to life and in her care those early days. This includes prayers, thoughts, support (Yes, that's you). But most of all it leaves me in absolute awe. And that is what she is teaching us, and has been doing so since the very start. 

To savour every moment. To be present in the now. To focus in the instant. To always find the joy.

"Stay a while, you are so beautiful", "Permanece, eres tan bello", “Verweile doch, du bist so schön” (Goethe, in his play Faust, talking to the instant).
* Bacterial cultures in blood, vaginal swaps and urine, pathological study of my placenta.


  1. This is just lovely. I'm so pleased that she was just keen to see you guys and that there was nothing more to worry about than that.

  2. Espero que a mi tambien me toque un milagrito como el tuyo me alegra verte tan contenta!!!, (te escribi desde dic para agradecerte por tu que estabas ocupada no te preocupes no queria pasar por grosera estoy muy contenta por tus regalitos). Un saludoo

    1. Fer, espero de verdad que llegue pronto para ustedes también, muchas gracias! Soy un desastre, leí tu email hace tiempo y pensé que te había contestado, por supuesto que no pasas por grosera, soy yo la despistada! Muchos saludos y espero que vaya todo bien por allá!


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