Thursday, February 7, 2013

A little cute film: Paperman

I stumbled upon this Oscar-nominated short film a few days ago and had wanted to share it with you ever since. So here it is. All the paper airplanes flying around, and the serendipituos, coincidental meetings made me think of the Spanish film "Los amantes del círculo polar" (The lovers of the Arctic Circle) by Julio Medem. All of his movies have a certain magic, that can be disturbing at times. Have you seen either? Both come highly recommended.

* The original video has been removed, I can only show you the trailer. For more information on the video go  here to see and read Walt Disney has to say about it.
** Update : I just found out you can watch this film, along with the other 4 Oscar nominees for best short film at Slate, just  click here.


  1. Oh my goodness, that was so cute! =D

  2. Nos encantó, ya sé porque te recuerda a Los amantes del círculo polar (una de mis películas favoritas) :)

    1. Verdad que es precioso, y "Los amantes del círculo polar" es una de las películas que más me impactó al verla.


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