Monday, September 3, 2012

Parks, museums, friends...

These days have been quite calm, but I also had the chance to finally visit a friend who lives in Arnhem, pretty much at the other side of the country. We took a long walk in Sonsbeek park with her cute dogs and saw deer. Deer ! We also went shopping and I was able to find the "item" of the season, pastel jeans, for 10 EUR (instead of 6 times that prize, win). And yes, they look summery and happy, and autumn is coming, followed by the darkness, but I've been known for wearing colorful stuff even in the winter, perhaps despite it, because I firmly believe happy clothes can brighten any day.
 Yesterday we went to the Sunday Market by the Westerpark in Amsterdam, and oh the food was delicious. We had my favorite greek treat, Kolokitho-kefted√©s: zucchini, feta and herb balls just barely fried and served with tzatziki. After that we visited the Tropenmuseum (or tropics museum, which used to be the "Colonial museum") and it is definitely worth it. It depicts the cultures and folklore of the world, by continent, but they do not stop at the historic level, you also get a glimpse of people's everyday life and vision and get hints on where it all came from.

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