Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brioche: first try

 As you can imagine, the main question at the beginning of the weekend was what to do? what to do? What am I going to bake. What is our huge new toy going to make for us this weekend?
I had been wanting to try and make bread for a while, you know, a recipe that involved actual, living yeast. I remember the cute little microorganisms from my big molecular biology book and how sometimes they have their own get togethers (or conjugate to use a proper scientific term).
 Anyway, as soon as I found this Brioche recipe, by La tartine Gourmande, that claimed to be the simplest I knew it was a good place to start. Ever since I tried brioche I fell in love with it and it is the same story with the boy. Sweet, fluffy and perfectly golden bread is what dreams are made of.
 I also did my research and found out that when working with yeast it is "easier" to keep the yeast alive by mixing it first with the dry ingredients, and then, slowly, adding the warm liquids, in this case lukewarm milk. And this being my first ever try at bread, I thought, better to start with baby steps.
 It was so exciting to see the dough rise, though I had to be patient: after integrating the dough there was a waiting time of 2 hours, and then, after placing it in the pan, another "rise" of 1 hour and finally the egg and sugar glazing and into the oven.
 The smell of Brioche in the oven must be what heaven smells like. All this waiting was definitely worth it, the Brioche was delicious and we ate almost half of it in one go oops. It is true that it turned out more like a cake than a bread, or something in between. When I made the dough, it was elastic, but I was not able to make balls or otherwise manage it by hand, and I did not want to add more flour for fear of it being to dense in the end. I was very precise in following the instructions, and after talking with the experts (that is my mom), we think it might be the type of flour. Apparently "bread" flower has a highest gluten content and this allows for longer chains of starch to form, which gives the texture and consistency of bread to the dough... we'll see. Oh so much to learn.
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  1. Fabuloso! Ya me lo estoy imaginando con el cafecito venezolano!

  2. Looks delicious! Also, it turns out we eat the same brand of jam/fruit preserves. :)

    1. I love Bonne Maman, specially like 4 red fruit and apricots .

  3. Qué rico!

    Será la harina? La receta original dice all purpose asi que me suena raro que si has usado esa harina no te resulte...No habras trabajado demás la masa? A mi me ha pasado con los alfajores que si bato demasiado la masa se vuelve mas pegajosa y no se forma como debe...entonces tengo que agregar harina, pero eso rompe el balance de ingredientes, etc...asi que ya me acostumbré a mezclar poquito.

    Yo no me habia animado al brioche aun porque todas las recetas que tenía requerian levadura fresca y aqui no se encuentra...pero veo que esta receta requiere levadura seca, asi que me voy a animar! :)

    Me olvidaba! Un dato para hacer pan con la KA es que calientes el bowl antes poniendole agua caliente, la dejas 5 minutos y luego la sacas, y haces el pan (esto hace que leude mejor, porque el bowl de la KA es en general muy frio).

    En todo caso, tu brioche se ve delicioso, y si lo comieron tan rápido, debe haberlo estado :) Felicitaciones!

    1. Si, vi que la receta dice All purpose, pero luego vi tutoriales y hable con mi mama y decian especificamente que si no era harina de fuerza, el brioche no salia y me quede con la duda.

      A la autora original si le salio, a mi la verdad no paso nunca eso de que toda la masa se desprendia del bol y se atoraba al gancho como tenia que pasar, queda la duda de si lo bati de mas (tambien lo pense), pero nunca vi que tomara esa consistencia, experimentos, experimentos,
      Si tu la haces me cuentas si te sale y que harina usaste !

      Gracias por el tip de calentar el bol ! Y si, quedo delicioso, y de hecho si levo bastante y estaba alveolado, pero si era como pastel de brioche jeje.


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