Sunday, April 29, 2018

Breastfeeding clothes I love

I breastfed my first daughter but our start was so hectic and chaotic with her premature birth that I did not even have my breastfeeding bras ready when she was born. I started using triangle bikini tops and slowly I got used to breastfeeding in public by wearing a tank top and whatever blouse I wanted to wear on top. I did the same tank top trick with regular dresses by wearing shorts underneath. It never even occurred to me to stop and look for specific clothes for breastfeeding eventhough I breastfed her for almost 2 years (the last months  mostly at night).

This time around a very close friend told me -when I was about 36 weeks pregnant- she had a bag full of pregnancy summer dresses and breastfeeding tops she could give me. It was like a whole world of magic opened up in that plastic bag.

 Turns out you can breastfeed discreetly and pretty  much hassle-free with cute and properly designed clothes (that basically have a small opening for the breast and nothing else, so people can barely even notice you are breastfeeding). With this information and knowing I would be breastfeeding for a while I decided to research and invest in some blouses (and a dress or two) and it has totally been worth it. I thought I would share my finds

I really like the selection from ASOS nursing. It is not crazy expensive and they have some pretty fun and modern models, particularly for tops and t-shirts.

 Seraphine also has a nursing selection. They are pretty pricey, but the clothes have very good design, high quality and last a long time. For me it has been worth it and my absolutely favorite top (this coral blouse that I want to get to everyone as soon as they have a baby) is made by them, I am just slightly sad that the blue and white print they used to have it in is sold out.

 I got a red and white striped pregnancy/nursing summer dress (that turned out to be too short for me, but I am tall) and a white and navy dress that I used for Lai's baptism and I will be reusing for a wedding later this year.

BOOB design has a more casual and sporty vibe. I got a sky blue sweatshirt, it has a very soft flannel inside at the chest level. It is perfect for travel and comfy days at home. They also have sweaters and dresses that I still want to try!

Another brand that I like is Milker nursing, I really like their dresses, maybe I will be getting another one soon. I have not tried Latched mama but I also like their clothes and they seem to be properly made. Last but not least I have 2 or 3 basic nursing tops from H&M, the classic navy striped ones. They are ok, I have been wearing them a lot for everyday use.

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