Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Ice-Cream world tour: Lisbon

We recently went on a weekend trip to Lisbon. It was the boy's birthday too. Just as we were walking one of Lisbon's steep streets, after we played at a small park we found the perfect place to celebrate: Gelato M├║.

Its decoration is simple, clean and pretty in white, light green and natural wood. It is long enough to fit our stroller (several actually, as another family came after us) and you can peek at their small kitchen / factory to see how they actually make the ice-cream. They only use fruits that are in season. They use a  process of ice-cream making in which the ice-cream sits a whole night to make the flavours just more intense and guarantee the perfect texture.

 I had a strawberry milkshake, we also tested chocolate (we are classic, I guess) and we had to have the tiramisu as well.

I wish we could have stayed to try all their flavours. You will find them at Campo Martires da Patria 50 in Lisbon very close to Jardim do Campo Santana. 

Highly recommended! 

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