Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Celebrating Summer and Light

 A few days ago I was contacted by Paperless Post to ask if I wanted to participate in a collection of inspirational posts about celebrating the Summer and I thought it was a really nice idea.

Summertime is one of my periods of the year. The warmth and the long days are definitely worth a celebration, particularly in the Northern hemisphere.

I remember celebrating 'la noche de San Juan' -St. John's Eve- when I lived in Barcelona. It is a truly magic night. People go to the beach, set up huge bonfires meant to scare evil forces away, party the whole night and enjoy the light. Reading a bit further I found out this was a christianized pagan holiday in honour of the solstice, marking the longest day of the year. It is a night where fairies and other creatures of the underworld are believed to run lose, among which La encantada, a young, beatiful girl with long hair appears near caves or water streams, combing her hair, carrying a mirror. The legend, dating back to medieval times, is associated with Lamia and other folkloric creatures (like mermaids or the greek nymphs) and symbolizes fertility and youth. The mirror she holds is a symbol that represents a door to other dimensions. On St John's Eve, anything can happen.

Marking the seasons brings us to the moment, makes us reflect where we are.  Lately, I spend life running constantly, doing those everyday things to keep us all going. I reach the end of the day quite tired (brain dead would be a more appropriate term). But occasions like this are perfect for taking a pause, for remembering to appreciate the light around us, to celebrate the little things: taking long walks, painting my toenails bright and shiny, admiring the beautiful peonies that only bloom at this particular time.

Do you celebrate the summer solstice?

* Painting of Lamia by William Waterhouse
**This is a non-sponsored post, I just thought it would be fun to participate in a series focused on celebrating summer time.


  1. Hi, new follower from Gypsy Mama's post about word of the year. Summer is my favorite and we have a big summer solstice festival and parade here in Fremont, WA that is a wonderfully strange celebration. The parade starts off with hundreds of naked, painted cyclists and then all the floats are man powered (no gas vehicles allowed) and nature themed.

    1. Wow, naked painted cyclists. It sounds fun and interesting! I also love summer !

  2. Oh, and I forgot to add that my blog is private but I have added your email so you can view it if you'd like. Sensitiveginger.blogspot

    1. Thanks so much for the invitation! I will definitely come over!


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