Friday, April 24, 2015

Royal Style

 This post is going to be silly, so beware. I like to pretend I am really smart and intellectual and do not care about things like fashion (too much).

 I live in a uniform of corduroys or jeans, patterned shirts and sweaters in bright colors. I mismatch everything because when I get dressed in the morning my eyes are still closed. I color clash in a non-deliberate way.

I do enjoy glossy magazines and gossip particularly when waiting at airports and I have to confess I am quite the fan of Taylor Swift and Lily Allen (other celebrities I wish I could be friends with are Emma Stone, Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore and Anna Kendrick).

Anyhow, that is how I found out that, on occasion, I have dressed like my favorite royals, Kate Middleton and Charlotte Casiraghi. 

 Last June we baptized baby Y and after watching too many chapters of Suits I decided to be adventurous and wear a pencil skirt for the first time in my life. It was a very light minty green and covered in lace. I wore it with a white top and my wedding shoes, which I had sworn I would re-wear. Well, Charlotte of Monaco baptized her son on the same weekend as we did (!) and when I saw the photos I couldn't believe we chose quite the similar outfit. 

Last summer, my mom-outfit of jeans and a striped gray and blue t-shirt was something Kate Middleton chose as well.

So I guess I am not as fashion-ignorant as I sometimes think I am.

It was a good summer... enjoying the warm summer warmth by the lake, and a baby on the bewb.


  1. no me parece nada tonto al contrario me encanta este post!!! yo tampoco soy muy fashion que digamos, por eso elijo los vestidos, no toca combinar y son faciles de usar. Adoro la combinacion de jeans con camisa a rayas me parece muy estilo frances!.
    te queria proponer un post. que te parece si hablas en un post de quieren venir a AMsterdan tienen que usar.....y hablas de lo que esta de moda y usan ahora las mujeres......
    un saludito amanda

    1. Ah gracias! Yo también soy fan de los vestidos, son lo mejor, cómodo, bonito, sencillo y alegre :) Quisiera que hubieran más días de sol por aquí porque aun con mallas me muero de frío.

      Un día de estos escribo el post de Amsterdamm :) aunque la moda de las holandesas no creas que es muy linda... les encanta usar una especie de licras / mallones cortos abajo de faldas y vestidos (como van tanto en bici) que matan por completo el look!



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