Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baking again

 In the last couple of months I got some orders for my hand-painted cakes. I was so happy to be working in the kitchen, focusing on getting a project done the best possible way.

Since baby Y. was born I made some cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, as a thank you present to the nurses and medical staff at the NICU and for home, but I hadn't really got back to baking for other people.

It feels so good, though it takes my organization skills to a whole other level: I have to use every single moment wisely and take advantage of nap times. Lately, though, baby Y. has been awake more and it is nice to have her in the kitchen with me observing what I do. Maybe one day she will grow to love baking too.

I had a few days last month where I was feeling exhausted, scattered and all over the place because there is so much to be done and even though I am running and doing things the whole day I never finish projects. I guess just doing one thing at a time is key, while letting go some things, particularly the pressure to do it all. If A or B or C does not get done, it's OK. It is also OK to rest, to take walks, to make time for reading and for fun things, to sit in the couch staring at space.

How do you manage time? Are you organized or chaotic? Do you have specific assigned times to do things just for you?


  1. Bravoooo!!!
    Además de lindas, tus tortas son una delicia, Amanda!

    Que bueno que estés de vuelta en la pasteleria... Y seguro que tu nena estará aprendiendo desde ahorita!


    1. Gracias :) Esperemos que aprenda, tengo ganas de hacer desastres en la cocina juntas!

  2. Beautiful cakes!

    I find that if I want to accomplish anything, I have to organize my day completely and as you said, take advantage of nap times.

    I think it's good for our children to see us doing things we love. They might turn out to be some of their fondest memories

    1. Thank you! And you are so right, your girl is going to love the memories of going to concerts and festivals with her dad!

  3. Gorgeous work! I'm studying for my politics degree with a 4 month old so I have to be pretty strict with my time. I used to try and fit stuff in during the day, but it doesn't work. At the moment, he won't sleep in bed during the day so I can't work when he sleeps. When I accepted that, and just organised my time so that my evenings were dedicated to other stuff it became a lot easier. Between 7-7 I just devote my time to baby for now, although I would expect that to change as he gets older.

    1. Wow! Studying with a baby is something I always thought I could do and now I realiza how hard that can be. Things will definitely change, and it is all about organising and following the cues of the babies and be flexible and patient (easier said than done).


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