Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lights of the New year

A fresh new start... it's here. We spent New Year's Eve at home, cuddled in the couch and watching movies. Then, when midnight came we looked at the fireworks from the windows and toasted with pineapple juice and 12 green grapes. 2012 was a very hard year but 2013 showed us magic and miracles. Focusing on joy made it all easier. I passed my Dutch exam, we travelled to London, San Francisco, Luxembourg, Metz, Brussels, Paris, Ghent and Maastricht. I visited family in Switzerland and met awesome friends that I have made through blogging. It really is one of the aspects that I appreciate the most from this little space: the valuable connections that I have been able to make through my internet rambling. Thank you all for being here. I really appreciate every one of you. And I really hope all your wishes, dreams and goals may be fulfilled.

As the new year approaches (oh wait, it's here already!), I am curious and excited of what it will bring. We are mostly thrilled to meet our little one, though of course I am also wondering (read, at times freaking out) how it will all be, because babies are new and they don't really come with instructions manuals. I am confident that we will figure it out, though.

BTW, Rebecca at Florence Finds is prompting #January Joy once again, in case you feel like starting the year with a fun challenge... you can join for it all or just for individual tasks. I had lots of fun with it last year.


  1. That sounds like a lovely New Year's Eve Amanda! I'm excited for big things for both of us in 2014 :)

    1. Thank you! Indeed excited, I wish you and your family all the best :) Hugs.
      And it was cozy (gezellig) indeed!

  2. I'm so glad your 2013 was much better than 2012 and I hope your 2014 is even better than last year! Can't wait to meet your little one when I get there in the summer :)

    Thanks for sharing the link to this year's January Joy! I really enjoyed reading your progress last year and I think I will join in this year. Definitely need to start my year right :)

    1. Oh so you are coming this summer?? Yaaay!! So happy !
      I look forward to reading you as you go through January Joy, I think I will just take up some of the challenges, but it is definitely the way to start the year happy and with energy!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! WIshing you all the best as well :) Fresh new start !


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