Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Colorful curtains, finally!

 Remember all the way back in January when I mentioned we were going to attempt to get crafty and make our own rolling curtains? Well, the curtains are finally ready and in place. But, oh, but, we did not make them. The plan was that we were going to teach ourselves how to use the sewing machine. We both tried, but we could not manage it. I can't wait for my mom to come and teach me because when it comes to crafts and handy stuff I am completely useless.  When the engineer-husband could not figure it out either I knew the whole attempt was kind of hopeless. So we took our fabric, measurements and project to the Turkish tailor who did it for us, and voilà curtains.

It was not so easy though. When we picked up the curtains they were way too long (well maybe 25 cm.) and as a consequence, on the biggest window they fell by their own weight. Crazy person that I am, I spent a whole week whining, stressing and crying about it and endlessly bothering the boy wondering how we would get them fixed.  In the end we cut the extra fabric and pasted the ends together with double-sided tape (instead of nicely sewing them, as they were) and when we attached the curtains, they stayed in place (yay!). They are not as smooth as we thought they would be because the two fabric layers tend to separate from each other, and there are some corners where light can go through, but I hope this will not be a problem, as it gets so dark here anyway.

Are you crafty? It is one of those skills I wish I had... since I could be making my own breastfeeding t-shirts* ... among all kinds of other things.

*(what! 55 EUR for a long sleeved t-shirt or 99 EUR for a fleece hoodie just because the design is great and has a zipper under the boobs that lets you nurse modestly while staying casual?)


  1. I do remember you blogging about them! I think that was the very first post I ever commented on =)

    Wow, those shirts are expensive!!! I can't say I'm crafty when it comes to sewing, that's my sister's realm but I am crafty with other materials.

    YAY on having curtains =D

    1. Yeah, I was suprised by the price because they are mostly t-shirts or hooded sweatshirts.
      We are so happy with the curtains, it is all slowly coming together!

  2. The curtains look great! By the way, instead of double sided tape, you can use iron-on tape (sold in crafts stores). It's a great no-sew solution, and you can wash the curtains without the tape coming off. That's what I used to shorten Ikea curtains in the past, as I am useless with a sewing machine as well.

    1. Thanks ! That's a good tip, I will look for iron-tape, I think they have it at Ikea, if I am not crazy, but I will look at crafts stores too.

  3. Snazzy! The colors play real well in the eyes, with the grids scattering them right into the senses. Shows that window treatment doesn't only aid the external facade, but can also give some tantalizing textures to the interiors of rooms and houses.

    Roxie @ Allure


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