Sunday, May 20, 2012

Peonies are in season

 Last weekend while choosing flowers for Oma (grandma) and my mom-in-law I saw that that peonies' season is here. Apart from tulips and dahlias, peonies must be my favorite flower. It is too bad that they are only in bloom between April and June, so we figured, better enjoy them while we can. The boy is the sweetest. Because as much as I was oohing and aahing when I saw them after I saw the price $$$ I was like oh well. But he went on and got them for us. I first put them by our window, but I knew they drink a lot and after a little research I found out it was better to keep them in a shady space. The weather is as weird as ever, with a *few* sunny and warm days here and there, amidst the rain and wind of everyday life in Holland. The good thing is strawberries are also getting sweeter and cheaper every week, and the days are so so long. Sometimes it is 22h and judging by the light you'd think it was 18h pm. As I write, I am sitting in the couch, home-alone. The boy left for a work-related trip for a few days and I have to admit it was hard to say goodbye. So hard, that instead of leaving him at the gate, before passport control like I always do, he came to the tracks and we said bye while I was waiting for my train to leave. I guess this has to do with the fact that we said goodbye so many times before at those same gates. Anyway, I finally picked up a new book at the airport kiosk. It tells the story of a girl trying to trace back the story of her dead sister Faith, a beautiful idealistic hippie who died in Italy in 1970. I hope it will be good. I've always had something for the youth revolutions of 1968, a part of me wishes I had lived that time.


  1. Me acabas de recordar que debería echarle agua a mis flores.
    Nosotros cada viernes compramos un ramito en el Lidl, donde hacemos el mercado semanal. No son las mejores pero siempre las escogemos amarillas para que le den color tropical a la casa. Rosas amrillas en la mesa de centro de la sala.
    Consigues libros en inglés por allá? Por aquí los que compro son sólo en holandés. Es bueno para mejorar el idioma pero va más lenta la lectura.
    Espero que el marido esté pronto de vuelta para que la cama no se sienta tan vacia!


    1. Jaja, color tropical ,me imagine música adecuada y todo. La verdad es que si, las flores alegran mucho.
      Por aqui si buscas en el AKO (donde venden revistas y eso) suele haber una seccion aunque pequeña de titulos en ingles.
      Que animada a leer en holandes, yo tengo alguno, pero se queda ahi esperandome.
      Ya faltan dos dias para que llegue el marido :)

  2. Aren't peonies called 'pioenrozen' in Dutch? They're gorgeous indeed.

    I hope the boy will be back soon. A good book is nice company, of course, but it doesn't compare to an actual loved one to while away the long evenings with :)

    1. Yes, peonies are "pioenrozen", and they are so so pretty I also like the bright pink ones, almost red.
      And the boy is back, since last night (he arrived quite late, almost at midnight, crazy flight schedules).
      I finished the book in 3 days ! I really got into the story, and it makes the train ride a lot faster !


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