Friday, February 3, 2012

Snippets of Mexico

So, I am still a little bit jet lagged, but overjoyed for being close to my family and friends. We have been running errands, catching up with delicious Mexican food and so on. But I think of you and I thought I would let you get a glimpse of what we've been up to.
Delicious Sweet bread, I ate a "concha", the white round ones.
The boy pretending to be a cute Panda :p
Blue hair and Strawberry shortcake dreams come true. Yay more photobooth props.
A view of my lovely city.
This is the line for the tamales, on the 2 of February, Candelaria, national tamale eating day...
It is a holiday that represents the day Baby Jesus was brought to the temple. Oh and that is a tamale. Green are better but they sold out...


  1. It's so nice to be with family, isn't it? Sounds like you are in your own element!

    Also, can you please eat a churro for me? That's one thing I miss about living in San Diego - driving to Mexico and eating delicious churros...

    1. Oh churros, definitely I will have one of those for you :p gonna have to sacrifice a bit hah.

  2. Qué lindo! Muestranos muchas fotos, si? Qué ganas de conocer tu pais!

    1. Si, si tratare de tomar muuchas fotos !

  3. Dear Amanda! So good to see you so happy!!
    Time flies out of my fingers lately... but I've been following your posts, even if not saying much.
    I just wanna wish all happiness to your little sister!
    And have fun in the meantime!

    1. Thanks so much Ines ! I was wondering about you , but so glad you are doing well, even if you are busy . Take care and try to rest a bit !


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