Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What to do with ricotta?

 You know how I made spinach ricotta lasagne around Christmas ? Well, my mom sent me the recipe in her own words, calling for equal quantities of spinach and ricotta. And asking for 2 kg. of spinach. So there we go for 2 kg of ricotta, which is a lot. I omitted to take into account the fact that the spinach would be cooked and that plants are 80 % water if not more. So now, we still have some ricotta left and I do not know what to do with it anymore. We used some over pasta and vegetables to make a creamy kind of concoction, and I made this zucchini cheesecake (which was delicious for me, but to lemony for the boy, so if you  are not a fan of citrus, use a bit less zest). But I am out of ideas now. And I am sure you all have tricks under your sleeves. Do you have any recipes with ricotta ? We have to use it soon...

* Photo via 101 cookbooks . I had made my own photos but our external hardrive just fell to the floor and it is broken. I have tears in my eyes stupid technological gadgets, and I am fighting against myself not to yell at someone sitting by me because he is obsessed with keeping things clean and thus erased the pictures from the camera and the other computer in which we had them.


  1. I know these really delicious sweet chinese style spring rolls, which I made entirely with ricotta:

  2. So, ricotta! There are these delicious pancake-like things that are popular in Ukraine, but I've made them for all kinds of audiences, and so far everyone loves them.

    I have to look up the exact recipe, but basically it involves ricotta (works best with small grain but not so smooth that it looks like sour cream), flour, eggs, and raisins (optional, but adds some sweetness; or you could add cranberries). You basically make these "pancakes" and fry them up in oil. I will look up the recipe tonight and send it to you!

    1. Ok, here is the recipe. These pancake-like things are called "syrnichki".

      2 lb (~1 kg) ricotta cottage cheese
      3 eggs
      sugar, salt (to taste)
      4-5 spoons flour (in my experience, you need more like 7 spoons, but start with 4 and see how it goes)
      raisins (soak in hot water to soften, then drain)

      Mix together ricotta, eggs, sugar, and salt. Add flour one spoon at a time, while stirring. Add raisins.

      On a large frying pan, heat up some oil (canola oil works well, but any kind will do). You will need a lot of oil for this recipe, as the pancakes are almost deep-fried. Using a table spoon, dole out mixture onto frying pan into pancake-size portions. Make sure they don't stick to each other. If the pancakes seem too liquid (they spread out too much, or fall apart when you try to turn them over), then you need to add more flour. But don't add too much because then they will be too heavy. Fry pancakes on one side till brown (but not burnt, which sometimes is hard to distinguish), and flip them over. Add oil as necessary between batches.

      Best served with sour cream. I like to eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and as a snack. In other words, this recipe comes highly recommended!

  3. Thanks for the recipes ! I definitely want to try the syrnichki's . Love pancakes and love recipes so it sounds perfect. And Marcela, thanks good to have more recipes in stock. Will let you know what I end up doing !


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