Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Luxembourg with small kids

The first time we went to Luxembourg I was secretly 7 or 8 weeks pregnant,after the IVF that brought us Yu.  During our long walks there we discovered the most amazing playground in a city park and we prayed we'd be able to come back with our children. It has the form of a giant pirate ship wreck and all around there are sand pits and water pumps where the kids can run around and get wet.

This summer my mom was with us for a couple of months and at the end of her stay we wanted to take a short weekend trip. We remembered Luxembourg and thought it would be a great place to visit.

Our first stop was of course that playground, at Parc de Monterey (45 Avenue Monterey, at the intersection between Avenue Monterey and Villa Louvigny). It was a warm sunny day. That place is really paradise for the small ones.

 Another fun thing to do with children is taking the "Pétrusse express", a little green train that takes you down to the old city, where you will see the Fortress and the main historical sights. Our 3.5 year old loved the experience. She also found it very amusing to listen to the explanations through the headphones. The train leaves every half an hour from Montée de Clausen near the Bock Casemates.

While we were walking down in the "Grund" quarter we found yet another very-well-thought-of playground.  Aside from the games for kids it had an outdoor gym, a super clean bathroom a hammock and the most amazing skate park, the perfect place to have a picnic.It is near 2 Rue de Saint-Quirin

 If you need to breastfeed I fell in love with  Namur (27 rue de Capucins). It is a small pâtisserie-café that supplies the royal family (if it is good enough for them...). They have a changing table (though you do have to go up quite a few stairs) and the best strawberry milkshake ever. While we were there, at least another 3 moms were there with their small ones.

There is a small playground nearby and the cutest children clothing and toys shop, Palazzo kids, just in front (30 rue de Capucins). We also visited the famous "Chocolate house" (20 rue marché aux Herbes), right in front of the Grand Ducal palace. Breakfast was nice, the hot chocolate is good, we loved the rock n'roll decoration in the 2nd floor, but for some reason the place was better in our memories.

 When  we first came to Luxembourg we met Fiona and Rasmus who took us for ice-cream at Bargello (13-15 rue du Fort Elisabeth). Naturally, we had to go again. They have delicious gourmet ice-cream flavours. I had ricotta with fig and it was very, very good.

We really like the city, if you are in the area it is the perfect place to visit for a couple of days.

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