Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Este mes para el reto fotográfico de "La vuelta al mundo"*, Jackie nos propuso buscar circulos en todas partes, en la calle, en la casa, en la naturaleza. La verdad este mes ha sido un ajetreo, aunque uno muy esperado y que hemos disfrutado mucho (ya les contare) y solo pude encontrar estos circulos. Como siempre aqui está el link a Casi en Serio para ver los circulos que se cerraron por el globo.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This month for " La vuelta al mundo*"Jackie challenged us to look for circles everywhere: in an urban environment, at home, in nature. This month has been crazy, and cycles are closing because it is coming to an end, with renewed energy and ideas. We enjoyed a lot this busy time of  relax (if that makes any sense) with family and friends. I will keep you posted on all the things we have been up to.For now here are the circles I found. And as always, here is the link to Casi en Serio to look at all the circles found elsewhere in the globe.


  1. I see you shot a similar clock :) mine was at a train station.

    1. I saw ! So funny :) I love airports and train stations, something ethereal about all the comings and goings, and meetings, and separations taking place at the same time.


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