Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yay (versatile blogger award)

Yesterday I got my first-ever "blogger" award. Jazmin from "Nuestras Aventuras en Casa", a mexican girl who blogs about her family life, recipes, homeschooling... honoured me by passing it along Upon receiving the award I should tell you 7 things about myself and then pass it along to 15 blogs that I have recently found. So let's start:

- I am in love with Barcelona. I lived there for 5 years in total (at first as an Erasmus exchange student, then I came back for a further 4 years). Still want to go back, it is a magical place.
-I love to bake, and I secretly always wanted to open a bakery-bookshop-ice cream shop. You know kind of like the one Meg Ryan owns in You've got mail.
-My favorite author ever is Julio Cortazar (this is not a surprise for some of you here I guess). You should read him. Start maybe with his short stories for a taste.
-When we have a baby girl, she will be named Lucia. After  not one, but several characters from favorite books. Yes,  I love reading.
-I want to travel the world as much as possible.
-When I was in high school I won the chemistry olympics for my whole state. (Then I went to nationals and that was a whole other story).
-I also wanted to be an archaeologist, marine biologist, journalist and doctor. Deciding what to study was tough.

And now the 15 blogs I pass the badge to are:
  • If... made with love. Ines, from Portugal takes beautiful pictures, and has a happy poetic view on life. 
  • The Celebration girl / Diario de una trotamundos. Marcela, born argentinian, teaches us how to bake, give us stories about her exciting life and make us marvel about the world. 
  • Casi en Serio, Jackie has a way with words, describing her life as an expat in Canada, and showing us beautiful photos, and even how to take them. Inspiring us all to take our cameras and move. And sharing every day life. 
  •  Better in real life. Lauren can write. She talks about everyday life, about her goals, about funny things that happen to her. A real inspiration. 
  • A safe mooring. Kirsty is hilarious. She writes from Scotland. I think it is the first blog I read (because she updates in the morning). 
  • I ripple I dance. Michelle from London writes about environmental issues, travel, everyday life. 
  • Grey & Shiny. Nina is very deep and also fun. She is an epidemiologist and an expat, newlywed, looking for the meaning of life. Like everyone... full of wisdom.
  • Oversized Cliches. Zan always has a story. Either from the farm or about how to leave a mark in the world. Also she is a fellow half mexican :)
  • Lilie Green. Travel, Food, general dreaminess. 
  • The wild and wily ways of a brunette bombshell. A pretty poetic and real place. Writing from New York, dreaming about Europe.
  • Bananas continued. Rachel is very funny and smart and you just want to be her friend. 
  • Bride sans tulle. The lovely Sharon is funny and wise. 
  • That in Black ink. Claire writes about being friendly to the environment, life in London, making  a difference.
  • HitchDied. It used to be Robin's approach to wedding planning in an alternative, acid, fun way. Includes movie reviews, angry replies to "The Nest's" absurdities. And now she is writing about everything, and I hope she will keep on, because she has lots to say and is funny and deep at the same time. 
  • THFM (Tot ho faig malament). Hanna. Beautiful photos, great recipes. Daily life inspiration. And quite a combination of nationalities too.


  1. Gracias! No puedo creer lo parecidas que somos!
    Si algun día vivimos en La Haya, pongamos el negocio juntas! :)

  2. Merci for the mention!
    Barcelona is at the top of my list of places I NEED to visit next!

  3. Thanks for the mention man! When/if we ever meet up I will have to tell you allll about my trip to Barcelona. It was less than 24 hours (unintentionally!)

  4. Thanks lady!!! :) What a great way to wake up in the morning!

  5. Amanda you're so kind! I'll be returning the favour pronto.I need to go to Barcelona and I'm adding Cortazar to my 'after masters' reading list. Thank you again - today is sad because my flatmate is moving to Brussels and this has cheered me up.

  6. @ Marcela, super :) eres como una hermana mayor !
    @ Lilie, Barcelona won't disappoint you .
    @ Zan, can't wait to hear that story !
    @ Lauren, you're welcome :) hope you had a nice day .
    @ Claire, oh, I am sorry, goodbyes are always diffiult. But definitely keep in touch, and now you have an excuse to go to Brussels (funny, the pic in this post is actually in Brussels, at the mini Europe park).

  7. Hi girl! I've just got back and already I have a nice gift? How sweet! Thank you! :)
    Now, you made it hard for me... cause you nominated some blogs I would. I guess I have to look harder and make my own top 15 list. I made some really nice discoveries recently, I'll be happy to share.

  8. Hello Ines... glad you're back ! And sorry about that, I am sure you will find some nice places :)

  9. Finally I had the time to take on this challenge! Done.

    Too bad I only had one day in Barcelona during my high school graduation travel (don't know if this is the proper way to say it... sometimes I feel a bit lost on the vocabulary). I've been wanting to go back there with the boy. He was there too for the same reason, but 3 years later. We just had time to see the major monuments... that was not enough for me, of course.

  10. @ Ines, heading over there to learn more about you ! And yes, it is easy to get lost in the language! You should definitely visit Barcelona again , you will never be bored.

  11. Hi Amanda, thanks for nominating me. Having just got back from holiday I haven't had a chance to forward the favour but will hopefully get to it soon. Interesting response on zoo post too. I try and cut down on milk and dairy but afraid my gelato obsession is strong.

  12. @ iripple, I am glad you are back and I am looking forward to reading you. Like I said I was really happy to find your blog. And I have the same with milk and dairy, I really really like it. But at least there are organic/biological products now .

  13. :) estoy haciendo click en casi todos los blogs que todas las ganadoras han puesto::: bonita manera de difundir!

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